1991 dodge ram van manual

What came of the visit? .
I went to the local junk yard and pulled a ECU from a year (1988) earlier 6-cylinder van.The step bumper is bolted to the vehicle with 4 horizontal bolts on the left and 4 horizontal bolts on the right side. .Later note beyblade metal fury game - I dezign for databases 8 crack think the skittish voltage was because the shutoff relay contacts were intermittent and failing with water corrosion.The new left brake cable is on the right side of this rearward looking picture. Power from Pin 30 is switched to this pin when the relay is energized.Caution to self: for some reason, instead of SAE sizes, the new wheel cylinder has 6 mm threads and requires a 7 mm nut on the hex part. .
Several people reminded that flexing metal over and over makes it fatigue and fail. .
Pulled the front coupler loose. .
That's the corroded ASD relay that someone put into the harness.Wiggling back and forth and more WD-40 finally got the nut to let loose.I fixed the van by plugging the harness back into the factory mounted relay and discarding the water damaged relay. No.Pin 85 - black - I believe the ECU grounds this in order to switch the ASD relay on, probably by pulling the collector of a resistor towoard ground.