1st mef acu patch

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The team looked at a number of uniforms and took the best part of each uniform and combined it into one.Improved hot-weather desert boot or temperate-weather desert boot.The FLC vest and canteen pouches are not included with the «Base» SAW Gunner set, which consists of two 200rd and two 100rd SAW pouches, for a total capacity of 600rd.56mm linked ammunition.(Woodland camo set comes with Camelbak Thermobak omega 100 oz).We never have "back.Mandarin collar that can be worn up or down.The webbing is 1 3/4 Type 13 (7,000 lb tensile strength) and Type 12 liner for the abrasion buffer.They built their first prototype and delivered 25 uniforms to Stryker squads at the National Training Center.This patch ireat source ophcrack vista livecd 3.4.0 OF individual AND recon pride!
Knee pouch for internal knee pad inserts.
The black beret skins 3 soundtrack episode 01 will be the normal headgear for the ACU, but there is a matching patrol cap to be worn at the commander's discretion.It is the successor to the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU) worn during the 1980s and 1990s."The americans on this island are not ordinary troops, but Marines!Embroidered Military Patch usmc Marine Corps Recon NEW jungle.99."The color scheme in the ACU capitalizes on the environments that we operate in Myhre said.Sirius.12 Suit V1_Friffy edit.Looking for a Marine Corps logo item?Alternate Colors: NSN (Desert Camo) NSN (usmc Coyote Brown) NSN (Arctic White) NSN (Woodland Camo) molle Medic Set (ACU Pattern) The «Medic Configuration» pictured above includes an FLC Vest with four zippered medical pouches, and two canteen / utility pouches.Uniform changes include:.