2005 nissan quest maintenance manual

No more nissan purchases for.1st and last.
We did the repair with hands tied behind our backs!Nissan of Bakersfield said they could not hear the noise but it was there and said it was normal.Dealership said it could Cost upto 44200.I hope there is a class-action suit against Nissan for this issue on such low mile vehicles.I had my son at 10yrs old and my daughter at 15mnth with.We were safe games to on pc just running it and hoping the chain would not skip a cog.
I am interested in recovering costs via class action Gloria.I had all three chains, tensioners and guides replaced with so called"updated parts" for the second time and here I am again aprox 13k miles later and the main chain tensioner guide has broken again and I am back to tomtom map updates usa square one.I am, Gina.I tell all friends and family to stay away from Nissan products.Nissan service said "Nothing wrong, no codes, we reset the idle." Went on a trip to see grandchildren next day.Possibly a defective timing chain.