2007 bmw f650gs dakar manual

This is the item that says "650" on the right side of the bike.
Even idling for ten minutes the glass is full.If you have the optional BMW engine guard the torque numbers for re-installing that are: Haakon #626 (Norway-F650GS).As others have said, check the tightness.I use a ratchet and I set the direction by holding the socket in my left hand and trying.Two are on the bottom, and one is recessed, going right through the cover.Mine is half full idling at lights.Have you tried to loosen it while its cold?Generally, you need to operate the engine of a long time to make the sight glass work.Edited and Updated by Winter, please read the, disclaimer before attempting any work in this FAQ.What you do after that is totally up to you.If the motorcycle is on the side stand, the proper range is from the middle to the top of the sight glass.
In this case, it is very important to remove the oil filler cap and visually check if the oil level is too high.
I also left the neutral wire in place and the sprocket cover (but I got the Touratech cover, which is a bit wwe smackdown v raw 2009 patch more out of the way, I think.).
So last night I did my first oil change on my '02.F650GS F650GS Dakar Check the engine oil when the motor is at operating temperature.Anyhow, I filled my tank with the prescribed 2 liters, ran the bike for 1/2 a minute, then put in another.3 liters.A few people have rounded the threads taking it off.The dealer had no idea how to get a copper washer (they weren't very resourceful).Bring your old one if you need them to get you the right size is a good idea.I have no idea which # is for the bigger Drain plug gasket, there are no sizes indicated on the part list.The lower part of each "tank" half fits in a rubber grommet.