94 ford ranger 4.0 manual transmission

Syncro rings are included in these kits.
To do that the right way, make sure you use high-quality parts.Mazda MR Ranger, Bronco II, Aerostar, Explorer Parts List 63 Aluminum, top loaded case with integral bell housing.At this time, Ford released the truck as an early 1983 model.Make: Model: Year: Buying a used Ford Ranger transmission from a non-reliable dealer is an unnecessary risk.The original Ford Ranger transmission options consisted of a three-speed automatic, four-speed manual and five-speed manual.English pinto Pinto Inquire Cast iron, top loaded case with a 6-bolt top cover.The earlier designs were believed to be an improvement on previous Ford trucks, as Ford stated the Ford Ranger was a proven choice because the truck provided more space in its interior, and could safely carry large pieces of 4x8 lumber.20.70 Miscellaneous Parts Drawing Reference Number MWT-M5R1TC Top Cover/Shifter Remanufactured no core required, includes forks 325.95 17 TRS306672 Main shaft, 4WD.89 17 TRS306672A Main shaft, 2WD 209.89.5 TRS306703-1K 3-4 Syncro Assembly (slider hub only) 116.96.5 TRS306703K 3-4 Syncro Assembly (Complete) 160.86 44 TRS306724.
These quality manual transmission parts and rebuild parts kits are designed to be top of the line overhaul kits.
Toyo kogyo 4 -87 Ranger, Bronco II, 1986-87 Aerostar Parts List 62 Aluminum, bottom loaded case with a 14-bolt finned aluminum bottom cover.
Ford did not introduce major changes in the Ford Ranger design until 1986.Front input four stroke tuning graham bell pdf shaft tapered bearing is 90mm in outside diameter.Mazda 4 -87 Ranger 2WD Diesel Parts List 59 Aluminum, end loaded case with integral bell housing.German FOG Cylinder Ford Cars Order K100202 Cast iron, top loaded case with a flat tin, rectangular 10-bolt top cover and an aluminum extension housing with the shifter tubes on top.121 ALT5M5R1-SMK Input Shim Kit.89 7 TRS306267 Pocket Bearing.54 8 TRS Syncro Assembly Snap Ring.40 10 TRS306240A Thrust Bearing.98 18 TRS306271 1st Gear Needle Bearing.30 18 TRS306271 2nd Gear Needle Bearing.30 15 TRS306273 3rd Gear Needle Bearing.90.Bronco II 4 cyl.3L 1988 5th and Rev slider has 36 teeth.You can buy with confidence!The Best Place to Trade Truck and Car Parts.