abbott glucose monitor instruction manual

You can add eight custom events; unfortunately you cannot define a custom event descriptor.
Warning: We recommend that you test on your fingers or palm (at the base of the thumb) alien vs predator 2 keygen if you.
Graph, the homescreen graph shows the last four hours of BG levels; a more detailed history is accessible via the Reports sub-menu.Abbot Diabetes Care FreeStyle Navigator II Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Product Review.When you question your results and want to confirm that your monitor and test strips are working properly.Using other brands of test strips and control solutions with the FreeStyle Flash Meter can produce inaccurate results.For me this was a major selling point: only one fingertip prick in four days.Test results below 60 mg/dL (3.3 mmol/L) mean low blood glucose (hypoglycemia).Each alarm type includes a programmable tone and/or vibrate option as well as a snooze time.U se the test strips only within the system operating temperature range.The first few months I was shedding sensors early and often within a couple of days.
Sensor life may be 2006 nissan maxima sl owners manual shorter than with Dexcom G4 or Medtronic Enlite, but having four days with only one fingertip test is a treat.The transmitter battery life is"d at one year, after which the transmitter must be replaced,.e.Other disconnects occurred when I was out of range in my duplex apartment with reinforced concrete. The Data Loss alarm caused by transmitter disconnect frequently occurs immediately after insertion of a new sensor.Warning: Keep the FreeStyle Flash System away from young children as it contains small parts that may be danger.To the dismay of many satisfied users in the.S., the original FreeStyle Navigator (Nav) was permanently discontinued by Abbott Diabetes Care (ADC) in 2011 following an unexplained supply interruption.