amiga device kernel manual reference rom

void main(int argc, char *argv) IntuitionBase OpenLibrary brary 0 if ( IntuitionBase!
In such cases, the value which the function happens to return must not be used except as it is documented.
This function controls the global public screen mode bits, shanghai and poppubscreen.
The format of this data is discussed in the next section, "The Sprite Data Structure".48 Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries SA_Behind Open this screen behind all other screens in the system.Autoconfig occurs whenever the Amiga is powered on or reset.In general, the examples are also compatible with Manx Aztec C 68K, version.0d, and other C compilers, however some changes will usually be necessary.Note however that, unlike other interrupts, software interrupts must preserve.Release 2 Compatibility 929 Graphics and layers functions which use the blitter generally return after starting the final blit.In some cases it may be useful to create a the house of many ways pdf new screen with the same attributes.
This sub-field specifies the message arrival action that occurs when a port receives a new message.
The shifted keystroke should activate the previous color, wrapping around from the first to the last.
MoveWindowlnFrontOf ChangeWindowBox( ) a n d ZipWindow have been added in Release 2 to provide more flexible control over the size and placement of windows.rbfdata- rd_Signal 1L is_Node.See "Task Switching" in the "Additional Information" section below.Use the graphics library call VideoControl to find the true display clip of the screen (see the chapter on "Graphics Primitives" for more information on VideoControl.H #include #include #include #include xref xref xref xlib xlib _printf _lvodouble _lvoaddThese OpenLibrary CloseLibrary #include #include #include "sampleinclude/samplebase.Nominal height for an interlaced display is 400 lines for ntsc, 512 for PAL.You should decide whether resource allocation and deallocation is the duty of the creator task or the newly created task.