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Morgan Llywelyn, The Greener Shore, about Gallic druids who fled to Ireland after the Roman conquest of Gaul; sequel to Druids.
19 Hatshepsut had the expedition commemorated in relief at Deir el-Bahri, which is also famous for its realistic depiction of the Queen of the Land of Punt, Queen Ati.
Anderson, The Parthian Interpreter (2007 about the journey of a Roman senator and his Parthian slave to China during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.Hatshepsut has appeared as a fictional character in many novels.Rather than the strong bull, Hatshepsut, having served as a very successful warrior during the early portion of her reign as pharaoh, associated herself with the lioness image of Sekhmet, the major war deity in the Egyptian pantheon.Though Cleopatra bore him a son, Caesar was already married, and Egyptian custom decreed that Cleopatra marry her remaining brother, Ptolemy XIV.Nick Drake, Nefertiti (2006 about a detective assigned to investigate by Pharaoh Akhenaten when Nefertiti vanishes just before the crucial festival celebrating the new capital city dedicated to the sun god; #1 in the Rai Rahotep series.Ian Ross, Swords Around the Throne (2015 about a centurion in the time of Constantine who is ordered back from Britain and promoted to the Emperor's bodyguard, but finds himself caught up in a conspiracy against the Emperor; #2 in the Twilight of Empire series.Review Peter Carnahan, Pharnabazus Sits on the Ground With the Spartan Captains (2002 a novel about the Persian ruler Pharnabazus and the Athenian general Alkibiades, narrated by a Spartan captain; pre cracked windows 7 self-published.Gustave Flaubert, Herodias (1877 about Herod, Salome and the execution of John the Baptist; Flaubert was the author of the classic Madame Bovary.Paul Doherty, The House of Death (2001 a murder mystery set at the beginning of Alexander the Great's Persian campaign; #1 in the Alexander the Great mystery series.Christian Cameron, Killer of Men (2010 about a Greek farm boy enslaved after a battle who vows vengeance as Persian armies threaten Greece; #1 in the Long War series.
Barry Sadler, Casca 7: The Damned (1982 about a Roman soldier doomed to remain alive until the second coming of Christ, who takes part in Rome's struggle to defend itself against the Huns and Visigoths; #7 in the Eternal Mercenary series 6 chronologically of the.
Jack Whyte, The Sorcerer: Metamorphosis (originally published in one volume with The Fort at River's Bend as The Sorcerer a realistic novel based on the King Arthur legends, about Merlyn and Arthur after the latter is crowned king; #6 in the Camulod Chronicles series.
Garden City, NY: Doubleday.Henry Venmore-Rowland, The Last Caesar (2012 about Aulus Caecina Severus, a hero of the war against Boudica, who joins a conspiracy to overthrow Caesar's dynasty in.D.Anthony Riches, The Wolf's Gold (2012 about Roman auxiliaries sent to the Danube to protect the gold mines of Alburnus Major from a Sarmatian attack; #5 in the Empire series.Lindsay Clarke, The War at Troy (2004 a retelling of the story of the Trojan War.Thutmose II fathered Thutmose III with.Francine Rivers, As Sure as the Dawn (1995 #3 in the Mark of the Lion series about the rise of Christianity in ancient Rome; Christian message.Though her novel includes many fantasy elements, it also incorporates ideas from early Welsh sources that show Arthur at odds with the Christian church.Marilyn Todd, Scorpion Rising, about a beautiful widow who goes to Gaul to investigate the murder of a child; #13 in the Claudia Seferius mystery series.Michael Gear, The Betrayal: The Lost Life of Jesus (2008 a novel that explores an alternative view of the life of Jesus which was suppressed by the early church.Moreover, Thutmose I could not have foreseen that his daughter Hatshepsut would outlive his son within his own lifetime.