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TimedText namespace (prefix TimedText: synchronized subtitles for media potterton suprima 60l service manual files.
The table on the right shows what number to use when you want to hide pages that are on your watchlist.
It is not to be confused with.
The studios just keep proving that Bluray is great for video and audio, but they are a huge step backward in usability and convenience, especially when they're designed like bulletstorm xlive.dll windows 8 these are.For example, WP: is Wikipedia:, and so Wikipedia: Page name can be abbreviated WP: Page name.Subtitles (VobSub, Closed Captions CEA-608, SSA, SRT).Interwiki links Further information: Help:Interlanguage links, Help:Interwiki clio cup manual renault technical trophy v6 linking, and Help:Interwikimedia links Wikimedia Inter-language or interwiki prefixes do not define namespaces, but point to pages in other Wikimedia projects, outside the.They are mentioned here because they use a namespace-like prefix technique for linking.The same applies to the first character after the colon.
Hence entering WP:Linking or Project:Linking is equivalent to entering Wikipedia:Linking, and WT:Linking is equivalent to Wikipedia talk:Linking.
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For a complete list of interwiki prefixes, see the interwiki map and interwiki table.For example, you cannot create page WP:123 ; if tried the page name is instantly converted to Wikipedia:123.Hide Caller ID of Unknown Caller.Then there's the annoyance factor of the Bluray/DVD "features".These prefixes are referred to as pseudo-namespaces and include the following: A more complete list is available at Wikipedia:Shortcut#List of prefixes.