backup iso ps2 gameshark 2

Now go to mc0: (your memory card) paperboy 2 pc game and in the boot folder paste psxlauncher.
You don't have a flip top ps2 case or don't have a sliding tool.
ELF and copy paste it to your USB stick.
Your ps2 slim isn't sensor modded.Sliding tool or flip top cover for fat/slim PS2.Press "X" *it helps to have the disc tray open during fmcb and then pop the orig psx game as soon as psxlauncherelf is already on toro lawn mower manual 20333 your screen.This saves you having to snatch out the disc mid spin on the PS boot screen ragging your motor or possibly etching a disc, recipe for playing psx back up games on a softmodded (not chipped) PS2 with psxlauncher.After it stops, "swap" the disc with your PSX back up with a sliding tool or with your flip top PS2 lid.ELF that you just pasted.If you got it right on money then the PS1 logo will appear and tadda!PS2.9/scph 5000x and.The game will spin for a few seconds.You're now playing your psx back up game.
So i'm assuming that you already have a memory card exploit.
Now your ready to boot psxLauncher.
Tested it myself on my FreeMCBoot PS2 slim.Slim PS2 flip-top lid.If you are having trouble booting psxlauncher.Insert your original PS1 game (don't press any buttons yet).ELF (Play PSX Backups on your PS2).Ok, now do this.Now push mediafour macdrive v8.0.7.38 full version O on your gamepad to open psxlauncher.From your PC download psxlauncher.In uLE's filebrowser, go to mass: to access your USB stick and then push R1 to copy psxlauncher.