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Comstock, now believing himself to truly be DeWitt again, spends nearly 10 years in Rapture.
Reluctantly, Elizabeth agrees to continue her journey with him.
Following her ghostly footprints through Emporia's Financial District, the Market District, and Victory Square, Elizabeth and Booker uncover several Tears which reveal critical past best products for dry cracked hands events Lady Comstock confronting Rosalind Lutece about Elizabeth's origins, Zachary Comstock making an arrangement with Fink to murder the Luteces, and.Elizabeth, aliases, lamb of Columbia, seed of the Prophet, hangouts dialer for pc anna DeWitt (Birth Name).Elizabeth's first dress final concept.Unaware that she is being observed, she uses her powers to open a Tear to Paris in the year 1984, shocking Booker.As the portal closed, it severed Anna's pinky finger when she reached out for her father, placing her simultaneously in two different realities.Booker then spots the The First Lady and suggests that they use it to leave the city; Elizabeth agrees to follow him when he promises to take her to Paris.Furthermore, her frantic and obvious flight from Booker's company in Finkton causes her to be captured by Founder forces, which a more stealthy escape could have avoided.The illusion comes to an end as Elizabeth sees Sally as a Little Sister being burned alive - her regrets for harming Sally and leaving her to an uncertain fate in Rapture.
Elizabeth reaches the inside of the factory labs, after coming across past-Booker and Elizabeth (prior to killing Daisy and searches for the subject.
Sea of Doors Elizabeths Edit A number of these alternates appear similar to how the Elizabeth appeared at earlier points in the game.
" Rosalind Lutece : " I assure you, madam, my sexual interest in your dear Prophet is nonexistent.Elizabeth questions Cohen about Sally and he knowingly tells Elizabeth she is more than she seems.Although Booker comforts her, her regret still lingers as they leave the shop.When the siphons are switched off, Elizabeth opens a Tear into an American Midwest beset by a tornado, killing the scientists before closing.After fighting their way to the police station and finding the tools, the two realize that there are too many supplies to carry them back to Lin's shop.