cheats ps3 red dead redemption

Jack Attack Enter " OH MY SON, MY blessed SON " as a code phrase to change John into Jack, John's son.
Advertisement Multiplayer unlocks Reach the indicated rank in Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding weapon and/or mount.
Stake a claim (Bronze Gold medal any Co-Op mission.
Lady's Finest: Successfully complete the Rockstar Games Social Club "Skin It To Win It" challenge.Treasure locations Search the indicated location to find the corresponding hidden treasure.The following are the jobs and their locations.The Benefits of Civilization (Gold Complete "And the Truth Will Set You Free"." as a code phrase to unlock the Treasure Hunter Outfit.He Cleans Up Well!Headhunter (Bronze Kill 5 players via headshot in a single Shootout or Gang Shootout.Hidden Treasure 3: Calhouns Gold Calhouns Gold is located in the basement of the old mansion in Tumbleweed.
The quickest and easiest way to find these locations are through the maps you can purchase life the science of biology 10th edition pdf at various general stores.Note: You must first complete the prerequisite(s) before a Stranger's quest will become available.Then, press Triangle, and enter one of the following cheat code phrases to activate the corresponding cheat option.Old School Enter " THE OLD ways IS THE best ways " as a code phrase to enable the Sepia filter.Collect all nine treasures to complete the Treasure Hunter challenge.Ghost town casio g-shock g300-3av manual Kill every person and animal in a town to have it marked as a "ghost town".The stamina will deplete much quicker the lower the quality, and the horse itself will not run as fast.