chip in windscreen mot failure

(You would be surprised how often we are left with a spare set of keys and the key we need is missing!).
New blades clear the screen more effectively and help reduce the dazzling effect of the sun.Always use security devices, such as steering lock, brake pedal lock, and etc.Some people do not realise that a service and an MOT test are two different things and that periodically your stabila laser lar 100 manual car will require both.Do we have the key for your fuel cap?Chip will sooner or later develop into a crack, resulting in an MOT test failure and costly fully windscreen replacement, after installing a new rear screen or windscreen, do not drive your car for 2 hours.The AA, if ignored, small chips can grow and become irreparable. Please remove all 'dangly' items from the rear view mirror, non-essential windscreen stickers, sat-nav brackets etc.They help thieves to sell your vehicles and even identify your living address For more information and inquiry, call. .Any dirt or moisture entering the chip will make it more difficult to produce a visually acceptable repair so its important to act quickly, they advise.Depending on where they are located, they can affect your view of the road in front of you.This is slightly less than the size of a 5 pence coin.
Some test stations schedule their work very carefully.
We are unable to proceed with the test if the levels are too low.Get ready for Spring and enjoy the sunshine.Please don't be late for your appointed time.Repairing is cheaper than replacement.If you use our approved glass repairer to make a claim for loss or damage to the glass in your cars windscreen, or the sunroof or windows, we will cover the cost of repairing or replacing.If you are not sure about something, like for example a chip in your windscreen, then pop in before the test is due and we will try and advise you in advance.We provide a 24/7, 365 days a year customer service.Vosa, who set the test standards, say we must fail the car if the drivers view of the road is obstructed.June 2, 2016, posted by drive like a girl, filed under: Featured, Guide.