cnc3 1.5 patch balancing

Removed sinking mechanic from all remaining ships.
Featuring a new menu option and level loader, this mod once installed not only allows for easy loading of singleplayer projects but adds Warhead AI/vehicle scripts as well as save game and difficulty functions.
Tuned Orbital Dump damage.Finally, we also added replay support.All fighter aircraft attack range increased to 200 rock shox mag 21 manual from 150.Japan Base Defense health increased to 1000 from 500.Guardian Tank buildcost increased to 950 from 900.Egg locomotors giving a 1 second acceleration time, increased turn time.5 seconds.
King Oni now accelerates while charging, kind of like of the Shogun.
Contents show, changes, this patch fixes a few bugs, contains balance changes, and enabled tier 3 superweapons.
Here is the latest patch for GTA IV, this is patch and will updated.Exe (or copying your desktop shortcut) and adding the commandline argument: -replaygame "C:Documents and Settings user My DocumentsRed Alert 3 BetaReplaysLast Replay.Reduced range and radius.Here is the detailed list for the contents of the Crysis Wars Mod SDK, with the changes we've made highlighted.Neutral Oil Derrick initial capture bonus decreased to 5Money tick value decreased.Cnc3 tiberium wars patch.Increased the duration of Short Circuit, lowered the ammount, removed stacking.For Camp;C 3 Patch.09.Cryocopter, shrink Ray range increased to 300 from 200.