combat choro q psx iso

Sometimes likes to blackscreen at game select, just restart WiiSX.
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No noticeable graphic problems, at least for me, just that the game runs a bit slow on some scenes.
2 Open ps2 Loader (no parchear dnas) Rogue Galaxy 60 Hz DVD5 Rip Cambiando dnas Rogue Galaxy DVD9 Rogue Galaxy JAP Rogue ops Rogue Trooper cambiando dnas Roland Garros 2005 Roland Garros 2006 Rolling Rocky Legends Romancing SaGa ntsc RTL Biathlon 2007 RTL Winter Games.Galaga - cod mw3 ps3 hacks Destination Earth ntsc-U slus-01258 Works Tested by Dump, Dynarec runs perfect Galerians ntsc-U slus-00986 Issues Works great for the first hour.PlayStation the Best - aka slpm-86263 tcps-10004 Densha de Go!2 Open PS2 Loader.9.3 Capcom Fighting Jam Capcoms Fighting Evolution Capcom.Mortal Kombat 4 ntsc-U slus-00605 Issues Tested by Dump, Dynarec runs slow but still playable Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero PAL-E sles-01020 Works Tested by Blackshadow works flawlessly in Dynarec even health bars show which is a common problem with this game in emulators Framelimit.Kids Station Controller Set slps-03544 Kids Station - Hello Kitty to Album Nikki wo Tsukurimasho!Taikenban Demo scps-45013 Princess Maker - Yumemiru Yousei Asia slps-01505 Princess Maker - Go!If it happens exit Wiisx and reload.Slps-01375 Paranoia Scape pcpx-96049 PaRappa the Rapper Taikenban Demo scps-45203 Parasite Eve Asia Disc1of2 waar kan ik boekenen voor e-reader scps-45204 Parasite Eve Asia Disc2of2 scps-45467 Parasite Eve II Asia Disc1of2 scps-45468 Parasite Eve II Asia Disc2of2 slps-91479 Parasite Eve II PSone Books Disc1of2 slps-91480 Parasite Eve II PSone Books Disc2of2.Legend of Water Taikenban (Girl meets PlayStation) Demo slps-00784 Babujii slps-03228 Backgammon Reprint slpm-86733 Backgammon 2000 Reprint scps-45382 Bakumatsu Roman - Gekka no Kenshi (The Last Blade) Asia slpm-86436 Bakumatsu Roman - Gekka no Kenshi (The Last Blade) SNK Best Collection slps-91172 Bakusou Dekotora.Asia slpm-80515 Jet de Go!
And now and than the anlog will just go mad and spyro will spin in circles when this happens you have to reset.
Air Combat Ace Combat, aitakute.Other than that, runs very well.Sound Qube Best of the Best slps-91482 SaGa Frontier PSone Books slps-02766 SaGa Frontier Squaresoft Millennium Collection scps-45300 SaGa Frontier II Asia Disc1of2 scps-45301 SaGa Frontier II Asia Disc2of2 scps-45400 SaGa Frontier II Asia Disc1of2 scps-45401 SaGa Frontier II Asia Disc2of2 slps-02767 SaGa Frontier.Destruction Derby PAL-E sces-00008 Doesn't Work Tested by Blackshadow Fails to load if booted by bios hangs at the PS logo HLE reults in Black screen tested on both cores Destruction Derby 2 ntsc-U scus-94350 Issues Arena derbys work fine, but regular races hang upon.Taikenban Demo 2 slps-03389 Zoids 2 - Heric Kyouwakoku.Dental IQ-san 2 Upgrade-ban slps-03131 Derby Jockey 2001 slpm-80378 DerbySta - Derby Stallion Magazine Furoku CD-ROM Soushuu-hen - bundled with the book slpm-80198 DerbySta - Derby Stallion Magazine Furoku CD-ROM Vol.2 - bundled with the book (isbn: ) slpm-80211 DerbySta - Derby Stallion Magazine Furoku.Overall slightly laggy (because of Samba.A little garbled audio during mission briefings.Guru Guru Town Hanamarukun Reprint slps-03302 Kids Station - Barbapapa - The Mumins slps-03301 Kids Station - Barbapapa - The Mumins Kids Station Controller Set slps-03318 Kids Station - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon World - Chibi-Usa to Tanoshii Mainichi slps-03317 Kids Station - Bishoujo Senshi.