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Xemacs: Emacs: The escape from paradise 2 full version Next Generation, originally from Lucid.
Jed: Fast, full-featured menu-driven editor with Emacs key bindings.To split the screen display between different files, type at the vi command prompt: :split another-file :vsplit another-file Or at a shell prompt: vi -o file1.txt file2.txt # Horizontal split vi -O file1.txt file2.txt # Vertical split will provide multiwindow.Note that due to, sCP protocol requirements WinSCP needs to know the size of converted text files before the transfer actually starts.Editing Binary Files, changing Transfer Mode, additional Modifications.Isearch regexp: M-C-s isearch backward regexp: M-C-r search regexp: M-C-s enter / search backward regexp: M-C-r enter?So to transfer large text file, either force binary mode (if possible) or switch.The so-called text file mask can be configured in dialogs mentioned above.
11.3.7 Convert a syntax-highlighted screen to html source so vimruntime/syntax/m from Vim command mode will convert highlighted text to html text.
Type :tag function_name in Vim to jump to the line where function_name starts.
Linux offers many alternatives for console text editors.Jove: Very small editor with Emacs key bindings.Emacs: Ultimate and heavy GNU-heritage editor.SCP and sftp-3 and older protocols.Sftp and, sCP protocols.The first option is used by WinSCP for.