convert word document to pdf c#

Converting RTF: Some very special cases caused an error.
This is useful as the files that had problems can be done at a later time, perhaps with a different method.F# (input file type) is not required as it is assumed to be a PDF file.Converting html: Nested block"s were not supported.Is there any other way to convert word file to image file?Exe / S "C:Input FolderMy game contra iii - the alien wars AppMyFile.The Author, Title/Subject, Keywords,.).See complete change history of 'Convert Doc'.Document layout 1 Single Column Layout 2 Multi-Column Layout 3 Pleading conversion method 5 Preserve Layout Using Spaces and Tabs 6 Detect Headers true 7 Detect Headers false 8 Text Flow 9 Use text boxes for exact placement 10 Merge Text true 11 Merge Text.In the Advanced tab we have the following options: Save document before printing - When checked, it will save any changes done to the currently opened document before doing the conversion to PDF.
File Type Constant File Type 1 Text 4 html 5 RTF Rich Text Format 6 Unicode Text 9 Word Document.DOC) *12 PDF format 13 Word Document.docx) XML format *14 PDF/A-1b, OSI standard Table: File Type Constants for use with the /M 2 /F# and /C#.
Converting RTF: Improperly formatted RTF files would result in lossed document data.
The following errorlevels are possible: 0 Success -1 Shareware expired -3 Missing required command line argument(s) -4 Some error occurred during the processing, create a log or use verbose switch for details / A # Advanced PDF to RTF options (General Section of Convert Doc.doc has to be cast to type _Document so that it will find the / correct Close method.Converting html: Files with very large images created an out of memory issue.I File Use a specified (and not the default) initialization file for 'Convert Doc'.Example: To run the 'Conversion Job' specified by "C:I type the following in at the 'Command Prompt ConvertDoc j "C:I you can include or exclude spaces between switches and parameters. .M # Specifies the Conversion Method to be used.From theHelp menu, select About.The Example below makes the word Apples the password to open the newly created PDF file: ConvertDoc.