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Why use a MiniDisc over a nocd Fix?
Still remain in the Fixed executable, this allows you to play a backup game that would otherwise not bypass the protection using normal 1:1 copying of the game.Here you can find case 580d service manual general help and help for beginners or for people who are new to all this: - For the.rar,.ace files you will need WinRAR to extract the files, To get WinRAR go.The Trainers on this site come with readme's or nfo's in them, read these for any special instructions.3) Now replace the original main/games exe file with the No-CD/Fixed Exe or the Fixed Exe file.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install.The No-CD/Fixed Exe's on this site come with readme's or nfo's in them, read these for any special instructions.
To use a, no-CD/Fixed Exe use your extracting program winRAR works best) and extract the files (always.exe file, but others may exist) in the archive to your where the games original exe file is in the games install directory/folder (where you installed the game.Any language version can work on any other language version if you try.A Fixed Exe is used when you burn a backup of your original game, install it, and then get one of the many copy protection error messages when you try to start the game from the backup CD, such as "Please insert the original CD".2) Now copy the full contents of the original CD to the temp folder.A Mini BackUp Image is a miniature image file of the game CD, it contains a portion of the game CD's Table Of Contents (TOC it contains all the necessary data to run the game from the hard drive, but does not contain any.Usually you will just have to copy the sound/music folder from the CD to the games directory/folder (where you installed the game).