dell xps 15 laptop user guide

Thats about average for a 15-inch notebook.
You can customize the XPS 13 to your liking, and Dell has seven builds with Core i3, i5 and i7 CPU options; 1080p nontouch screens and 4K touch screens; storage options up to 1TB; and an optional fingerprint reader on every model.Overall, the build of the XPS 15 is excellent, with only the force needed to open it bringing it down.If you are not sure which version is your bios you can see it by booting your XPS and quickly press the F12 key.More: Which Laptop CPU is Right for You?It lacks a number pad as well, though that isnt surprising given the XPS 15s compact chassis.While these numbers are not the highest weve seen, theyre fast by any measure.Frequent fliers beware despite the reduce footprint, this notebook is still too large for easy seat-back tray use.The Dell we reviewed, while expensive at 2,100, is 400 less than the MacBook Pro 15 with Retina with discrete GPU.Excellent sound, the speakers match the display with loud, vibrant sound that doesnt distort easily.Its 4K screen is one of the best I've ever laid eyes on (to get any better, you'd have to go oled you can play games on it, and even though the design is safe, it's sturdy and has a comfy, soft touch deck.
If the Dell technician who will build your laptop knows what he is doing!
It is spacious, but not too much so that it gets in the way of typing (as on the Spectre 360).The keys do bottom out satisfyingly and there is no give in the keyboard areait is a typing experience best defined as crisp.With the Windows competitions swept away, Dell must face Apples 15-inch legend.The only downside of this coating is that it smudges easily from the oils on your hands, and youll need a microfiber cloth to keep it clean.That makes the MacBook a better choice for travelers.They get loud enough, but lack natural base and begin to distort at high settings.