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Heat sarcastically calls Jinana "Argilla's Girlfriend".
It's an older phenomenon than that in the 'Vanias; Hugh and Nathan of Circle of the Moon are rivalslash-tastic - when your happily married straight male friend announces that Hugh has it bad for Nathan and the subtext is far too large for the Gameboy.
Darkstalkers had quite a bit of this, mainly with the female characters.This may be intended to be blushing over Mark.The way he follows you around?Batman and Robin-like undertones.Mega Man garmin 2009 city navigator keygen X is full of this between eponymous character X, and Bishounen reploid Zero.Cassandra also gets very upset at discovering that Hilde has a "partner".And Ellis's hand seems to disappear behind Nick's ass in the campaign poster.In the second Rune Factory game, if you play Aria you can make a Childhood Marriage Promise to two twin girls (Sera and Serena).The bathing suit that Lei Fang gives Hitomi when her friendship level hits max?It continues in the sequel d link dir615 manual where, in the Apollo Flame quest, Mega Man destroys the alternate version of Gemini Spark and is actually worried about Pat, unlike the other fights, where he doesn't care less about the bosses that were merged with his friends.
In the manga, Joshua is stalking Neku, and takes a picture of his ass with his phone.
Likewise with the jeweler Laura: "I never managed to touch your heart, though I learned a few things about my own." Everyone's les for Shanoa!While Issei had a great deal of Ho Yay already in Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia manages to top that by making it hard to deny he has a crush on Shirou.Played against upto four other pl concentration - Match the shapes.Nick, for his part, will compliment Ellis's shooting or ask him if the Midnight Riders are any good, which may be an attempt to bond with him.In fact, all the Suikoden series suffers with this a bit.The flirtatious shopkeeper in Cadoi City.Take a look at Engineer Dallas Wyatt.She even admits to wanting to bone Viletta at one point!