frigidaire gallery series washer service manual

This warranty does not cover the following:.
See the Washer Settings Chart for more details.Grease, oil, tar (butter, fats, salad dressing, cooking oils, car grease, motor oils) Scrape nfs most wanted black edition cheats ps2 residue from fabric.Contact plumber if necessary.It is recommended for heavily soiled loads to help enhance the release of z ro crack swisha house tough stains from fabrics after initial agitation.Rinse well with tap water.This is a result of the washing action and is part of the normal operation of the washer.The Frigidaire High Efficiency Top Load Washer can thoroughly clean your clothes in few loads because it has more usable capacity.Prevent injury To prevent shock hazard and assure stability during operation, the washer must be installed and electrically grounded by a qualifi ed service person in accordance with local codes.Shoe polish liquid: Pretreat with a paste of powder detergent and water.Obligations for service and parts under this warranty must be performed by Electrolux or an authorized service company.Disclaimer OF implied warranties; limitation OF remedies customers sole AND exclusive remedy under this limited warranty shall BE product repair OR replacement AS provided herein.
For best results use the Clean Washer cycle once a month.Cold Water Clean Wash and rinse temperatures are equivalent to temperature of cold tap supply.Water in washer does not drain or drains slowly.Remove items from washer as soon as cycle is completed.Use No Spin to omit the fi nal spin at the end of the cycle.Products used in a commercial setting.Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building.If any additional cleaning is required, repeat the above procedure.