galactic civ 2 patch

AI puts more effort into miniaturization techs.
So youre no longer being charged for social production.
It now updates only the planet that changed instead of refreshing the whole list - Civ Manager: If you go to a planet screen from colony list, and return to colony list, and only if the data in the column that is being sorted changed.Currently the icons are using the ship icon.Well see how it works.Terran Alliance AI focuses more on self-defense of planets Drengin - AI now uses experimental weapons focus technology system Scoring system tweaks.Drugi patch za danas nam dolazi iz kompanije.Metaverse Scoring revamped.Fixed bug in Ship Details window where if viewing a ship type (for example from Governors window) the Construct and Upgrade buttons would not be deactivated.Players can now easily access the new Fleet Manager interface.
(lots involved in implementing this).Setting any of the spinners to "Random" will now be saved as mac os x 10.7.5 "Random" instead of the randomly chosen value.Drengin and Terran AIs now very much focused on controlling all nearby galactic resources.Starting techs changed to: HyperDrive, Industrial Revolution, Fusion Reactors, Traditional Research, Innovative History, Capitalism and Basic Space Construction.Saved games now load much much faster on new saves - Changed saved game version because saved games no longer save influence data - speeds up saved game load time - Added support for loading older saved games that still have influence data.