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In most of these literary works, the nationalists emphasized national unity, identification with the struggle for independence, the elevation of the African personality and the destruction of inferiority complex.
These new Nigerian fiction writers have no choice but to join in the people's struggle for survival.
In The Joys of Motherhood, Nnaife threatens to beat Nnu Ego when she presses him to find a job.Wall Street Jews run not only the White House and Congress, but decide where American tax-payers money should go: to themselves through bail-outs or to their overseas investments that buttress former American factories now located in China and India.The destruction of indigenous ways of life led to an attitudinal somersault that paved way for corruption and delusion.Chinua Achebe stated in his authorial creed that he"would be quite satisfied if his novels especially the ones he set in the past could do no more than teach his readers that their past with all its imperfections was not one long night.Lomba, jailed for two years without a trial as the novel opens, has gone beyond anger, which he describes as"the baffled prisoner's attempt to recrystallize his slowly dissolving self," and entered"a state of tranquil acceptance" of his fate.All Nigerian writers are products of western education.The literary field witnessed expansion in the list of works written by educated Nigerians, whose sources of artistic influence were not only the classical European literature to which they were exposed in the course of their education, calculator xp windows installer but also their indigenous oral and performance resources.Although this study indicates that the strengths of the poets vary and that sometimes their creative works possess flaws, the conclusion is that Pidgin literature is part of the literary traditions that coalesce to make modern Nigerian literature worthy of critical attention.The narrative captures the shock, confusion, and dehumanization that the war produces in the young, the helpless and defenseless population.There are patterned modes of worship.
Nnu Ego finds it difficult to adjust to her new life.
Meanwhile, for fear of ostracization and as much as from lack of a credible alternative, his everyday living becomes gang like, and one in which he must survive by his wits, by the trust and camaraderie of his fellow soldiers and the deceptive altruism.It is a phenomenon: the good, the bad and the ugly.Defend the statement by Achebe that Africans did not hear of culture first from the Europeans.When it comes, it will take care of itself.Ezenwa Ohaeto exploited the rich Igbo proverbs in The Voice of the Night Masquerade.His Man Talk, Woman Talk and Tororo are more of social commentaries on the Nigerian situation while his comedy, Our Husband has gone Mad Again is more of a political satire a grotesque revelation of happenings within the continent's political landscape even years after political.In"Idanre" and"Ogun Abibiman"however, Soyinka goes beyond the merely negative features of Ogun.