honda acura manual transmission fluid

Supercar makers McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche all adopted dual- clutch gearboxes, whose rapid shifts rendered manual transmissions obsolete.
Dexron III/Saturn: A special fluid specification for Saturn aluminum differential cases transmissions.
Make sure the the fallen thomas e. sniegoski pdf product meets the specific requirements for your vehicle application before using it as transmission shift problems and possible damage may result from using the wrong type of ATF.Based on Allison specification TES-389 in lifesize express manual pdf 1991; Allison Transmission implemented one of the first approval system for particular brands.This type of drive train fluid should not be used in automatics that require Type.Specialty Transmission Fluids Fleet Automatic Transmission Fluid SynGard Fleet Heavy Duty ATF: Refers to full synthetic PAO based fluid designed to meet the extended drain requirements of Allison Corporations TES-295 specification.Currently, just three FCA models - the Dodge Dart, Fiat 500L and the Alfa Romeo 4C - feature dual-clutch transmissions made by Fiat in Italy.Toyota Type T, T-III, T-IV: Special formula ATFs for Toyota, Lexus and Scion transmissions.Sales personnel at Village Ford in Dearborn, Mich., took the company's advice to heart, said Bob Wheat, the dealership's sales manager.Used primarily starting in 20 vehicles, it can also be used in earlier Chrysler transmissions (except 1999 and older minivans with 41TE/AE transmission).
Mercon Type H: An obsoleted Ford specification that differs from both General Motors Dexron and Ford Type F transmission fluids.
The transmission worked well at highway speeds, but lurched or stalled in city driving, disgruntled owners said.
Automotive News that Honda issued a software upgrade to improve the transmission's performance at low speeds.Genuine Honda ZL ATF: Special automatic transmission fluid for Honda automatic transmissions, except CVT application.Martin Operating Partnership.P.By 2020, dual-clutch vehicle sales are expected to rise to 885,000, or 5 percent south park saison 6 ep 13 of total light-vehicle sales."If people aren't used to it, they think something is wrong.".In 2008, Chrysler pulled out of its joint venture with Getrag after it rejected the supplier's financing terms for the plant's tooling.(See sidebar, Page.) Over the past four years or so, nhtsa's SaferCar.