honda manual transmission rattling noise

I have a 97 SC2 with a little under 60k miles.
david davids November 1, 2015.
frankie December 13, 2015 my Nissan primera.0l cvt sam broadcaster 2013.2 crack has done 147000 faultless miles.
I lose power and it's scary when your driving 70 mph and all of the sudden your losing power and then you can't get it past 45MPH (RPM less than 2000)on the highway.The following Buzzle write-up provides information on CVT problems.It shifts normally, but the car has no resale value.Because if you do then you'll be like the what was said here - you'll be the nut behind the wheel.Of Main Cause NC10-67-070F or NC13-67-070F Quantity: 0 Related Part Number Quantity of Related Part 2 Operation./ Labor Hour: X025XrX /.2.) Back to Service Bulletins.Continental transmission told me 28 to 3,200 advanced care pc software to fix or replace - Edward January 18, 2014 The vehicle identification number (VIN) of the car was 1N4AL21EX8_.Dalan May 17, 2011 cvt transmissions, nothing but trouble and very expemsive to repairs when they blow experience could have been much worse if i was travelling on the ver again - julie May 6, 2011 I have a Ford 500 with a cvt.
It's been into the dealer for a replacement of the CVT, but it's acting up again.
Has plenty of pick and is a dream on long trips.Well there is something wrong with it not taking off when it is suposed.I never know when I accelerate, whether or not the engine will rev and finally the transmission will catch up or that it will get me actually moving crack v3 fifa 15 in a sluggish sort of way.One mechanic thought it was a bad power steering pump, but the noise follows road speed.Thanks - woody March 7, 2014 I have toyota vitz 2007 model (japanese).User acceptance is a matter of awareness, of which automakers have done a poor job.I have no experience with engine noise or vibration.I'm going to check out what website is all about!