hoover repair manual 9147

Cleaning modeindicator Indicator will show a green window next to floor (C) when handle is in the operating position for cleaning carpet rugs and bare floors.
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Cleaning mode indicator: shows either floor or tool usage.
Indicator will show a green window next to tool (D) when handle is in the upright position for tool use on stairs, upholstery, etc.AE147 001, aE165 001, aE166 001, aS135 001.Hose with tool (some models) Center or in the Yellow Pages under Vacuum Cleaners - House-.For carpet, carpeted stairs and uphol- stery: Fill cap to fill line (5 ounces) with hoover Carpet/Upholstery Detergent.Cleaning Effectiveness is the percent value obtained from dividing: (a) the geometric mean of the amount of embedded carpet dirt removed in testing under astm Test Method F608-89, by (b) the value 29 (the geometric.Line up raised rib on front of lector switch RIB nozzle with raised rib just above Your cleaner has a one or two II high opening on cleaner.Deep Cleaner Description.HCX556 ladyzerohx56 ladyzerohx64 ladyzeroh67S miladyhx339 EHX61 EHX33 CB43xtrsy CJ643T HX33.8 selectah4407 alisecb103TR AQC101TR PZH60 tropichx44S PZH9A SS SEL.When the filter becomes dirty, it can be cleaned by wiping it remove from cleaner.
CMD146S, cM2136-47, c514-80/1 CM2146-47 CMD136-86 CM1146-80 ohnl6116 HPL146-84 HNL7126S-80 hnwl7136S HSW146-80 HPF167-80 HN5125-84S HPA146-80 HPA166-80 ohfn6711-37 cnwd146 cnwd136 HNF7167-80 hnwl7166 hnwl7136 HNF7127 hnwf7137-80 HNF7147 hnwl7146-80 hnwf7167-80 HNL7126-80 HNL7146-80 HPF137 CNA166 hspf157 hspf167 MAF1675 CNA127-80 HNF6107-85 HPE236-80 HNF687-85 hpwd136-80 hpwd166-80 HSP16-80 HNF9167-03 HNF9137-03S ohnf6137Z-37 CL2 087-85.Hose holder: wrap hose around holder and top hose hook (6) for storage.Do not use without float and float retainer in place.Powered hand tool.Plug deep cleaner into a properly grounded outlet.