instruction manual for panasonic kx-dt333

Caution: When connecting a headset Ensure that the headset cord is wound around the hook to prevent damage to the connector.
When running the cords from the top of the unit, look through the opening in the wall.Tone During a Conversation Call Hold To hold To retrieve a call at the holding extension intercom hold (CO) /.If you are having problems making calls, unplug the extension line and connect a known working telephone.Disconnect THE telephone line cord from this product IF this product emits smoke, AN abnormal smell OR makes unusual noise.Pinched by the wall mounting adaptor.KX-TVS series Listen to Message Deliver Message mailbox.Refer to Installation Manual on the CD-ROM included with KX- DT301.Tone outside CO line access.
If the known working telephone operates properly, have the defective telephone repaired by an authorized Panasonic factory service center.Assigned to the key.Tone Intercom Calls Timed Reminder To set 12 H hour/minute AM (4 digits) PM 24 H hour/minute (4 digits) Once Daily.One-touch Dialing To store auto dial pause pause desired.* (max.Control panel/button names and descriptions can be found in "Location of Controls" on page.Busy OR No answer.Connection pioneer elite plasma tv owner's manual Connection Connect to: a digital proprietary telephone Digital XDP connection a single line telephone XDP or parallel connection The telephone line cord (included) Connect to a PBX.This incoming call in hands-free button is also used for mode or mute the programming this unit.Features List Features List Icon Meanings Flexible button Off-hook On-hook (CO) Feature number Talk Confirmation Tone.