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We saw your boobs Okay, so the notoriously non-PC Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane was never going to be a safe choice of host for the 2013 Academy Awards.Two directors named Frank (Frank Capra and Frank Lloyd) were nominated for Best Director - but Capra wasnt properly listening to the announcement, and, upon hearing the presenters jubilant cry of Come on up and get it, Frank!Blake Edwards and Peter Sellers enjoyed working together to develop Clouseau down to every move and nuance of voice and expression.He worked with him 5 times and all but.But nobody remembers that, because she did it wearing a pale pink dress that was pertinently tailored around her bust.With Barbra Steisand and Ryan ONeal.
During the filming Hecht returned to his Los Angeles hotel room one night to find two Capone torpedoes waiting for him.
The growing use of space-based data sets and the implications of Earth Observing System technologies, including research goals and hardware requirements, are examined.
Streaking was a part of our world and you actually had to worry that somebody would appear in your world naked.Then why is the movie called Scarface?At the 2017 Academy Awards, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were called upon to announce the winner of Best Picture, Beatty appearing to jokingly dither as he checked and re-checked the contents of the envelope containing the winning name.Hes an awfully good actor.I discuss this film in a little detail on my post about Cary Grants finest films: click here TO read this post.Zero-chemistry co-hosting from James Franco and Anne Hathaway At the 2011 ceremony, co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco - ostensibely chosen to appeal to a younger demographic - managed to put countless Eurovision Song Contest hosts to shame after treating the audience to mis-timed jokes.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as if Snow White was a wisecracking nightclub singer and the seven dwarfs were seven educated college professors.(Book Source: Who the Devil Made. This really is the best of these films.He was simple and because of that, his style paired well with every genre as he made masterpieces in comedy, film noir, action, drama, western, science fiction, gangsteryou name it, its there.