king county stream manual

Avoid using the pound sign ( # ) or NO (for number) as designations; if the pound sign is needed, separate it from the following number with a space.
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Check this or another style manual for a particular word or phrase or type of word or phrase.
For guidance, see abbreviations and acronyms, entries in this style manual for specific words and terms, and your dictionary.In this example, the commas in brackets are incorrect: The van is, economical, roomy, and, dependable.Compliment is a noun or verb for a flattering remark or something free: The supervisor complimented the staff for a job well oxford handbook of political science pdf done.Comprise means to contain, consist of or embrace.Senate and House of Representatives.Acceptable as an abbreviation for.Periodically or intermittently are useful, clear synonyms for continually to describe something that starts and stops.Preferred verb to mean get in touch with or communicate with -through e-mail, fax, telephone and postal mail.