mage builds wow new patch

Firestarter causes Fireball and Pyroblast to always critically strike when your target is above 90 health.
Official description Stat priority Critical Strike Intellect Mastery Versatility Haste Pyroblast Freezes enemies in their tracks and shatters them with Frost magic.
From the new splash screen when you log in to the modified talents and trees to the new.Depending on the mage's gear, length of the fight, movement, trash clearing, and interruptions, there's no real "perfect" raiding build.If playing with a more glasscannon approach this will be very valuble.Players using the legendary item Darckli's Dragonfire Diadem should use this talent in all situations where 2 targets will be present.Table of Contents, introduction, easy Mode, spell Summary.Not only that, Ive offered up some suggestions on different builds to remain raid viable (at least to the rare few.Ignite is a must.I dont do much raiding anymore, the age of empires full version but I pvp all the time on alts, friends characters, and my arena team.Heres the post that clarifies everything and, yes, I should have linked to it sooner.Mirror Image creates 3 copies of yourself which damage enemies and last 40 seconds.Ring of Frost places a ring that can freeze up to 10 targets for 10 seconds at the targeted location, broken by damage.
It is expected that magi provide their party or raid with food and drink for free.Living Bomb is the best choice for 2 targets, and it also results in a single-target damage increase in such situations.The Feral tree changes, Rogues: Four Seasons of TBC, Rogue.0 Specs.Single Target These talents should be used on Chronomatic Anomaly, Trilliax, Star Augur Etraeus, Krosus, and Grand Magistrix Elisande.Shimmer should be your go-to talent in most situations, as it gives you more mobility and the ability to Blink without triggering a Global Cooldown.The Kirin Tor are quick to recognize fellow magi as allies, but outsiders must prove themselves.On average, the freeze ability gives about five uninterrupted seconds to attack.WOW Death Knights do not have shields but do have good avoidance and powerful anti-magic protection that allow them to to fill the roll of tank.As previously stated, fire mages are very mana starved.