manual canon eos 5000

For clear, Magnified pictures of flowers or pretty ornaments, this Mode Sets the lense to a small aperture for successful shots.
This article is a stub.The EOS 888 can be enhanced with a whole range of Canon EF lenses.Credit : Image of this EOS 5000 at far right courtesy.This is ideal for low-light photography or capturing objects with a feeling of motion.Similarly, if the subject is in the centre or to the right, the EOS 5000 will use the appropriate focusing and exposure sensors to give you excellent results time after time.This page is copyright.This is ideal for taking interior shots or group and landscape pictures.
Landscape Mode, intended for letting user to take scenery pictures.
Canon EOS 5000 / 5000QD, posted 12-28-'06, the next page contains information on this camera.
The 'B' setting enables you to take pictures with exposure times of several seconds, or more useful for night or special effect photography.The printer can be turned off when no imprint is required.The viewfinder display is simple and straight forward, with only essential information pertaining to picture taking data illustrated at the bottom section of the viewfield.Lastly, the functional built-in flash system at the finder section when the light level drops to a situation where artificial illumination is required.Most other places would charge you.50 for a electronic copy.00 for a hard to read Xerox copy.It is priced lower than EOS-500 as its name indicated as a step down version EOS-5000.Save TO folder removeed programs from mac OF your choice (Acrobat.0 or Foxit PDF needed to read it).