manual of the planes 4e review

But if you value image quality and can cope with the 20 longer focal length Id recommend the new 105/1.4E over the 85/1.4G.
If you dont need the Defocus-image Control feature Id rather recommend getting the new Nikon instead which produces clearer images and adds another stop of light-gathering capabilities.
14th September 2016, written mic modeler efx crack by, thomas, verdict.But other than that the Samyang again proved its worth against strongest competition.The new Nikon 105/1.4E ED and some alternatives.Be aware though that the 23 year old design produces the heaviest color aberrations of the tested bunch (see.It is a good lens but does not fully reach the sharpness, clarity and resolution of the new 105/1.4E.Zeiss 85/1.4 Otus review.Indeed I was very impressed to see this lens reach and even surpass its peers in my tests.But Zeiss managed to produce a reference 85/1.4 lens.And at 1100 EUR it costs only half of the Nikon 105/1.4E.Compared to Zeiss Otus 85mm.4.It is a bit on the fat and costly side but all-in-all the Nikon 105mm.4E earns a Highly Recommended.
You can easily use this lens wide open and get sharp and contrasty shots right into the corners of a high resolution full-frame sensor.Good points: Unique combination.4 focal ratio and 105mm length.And the 20 longer reach of the 105/1.4E is a nice bonus in my opinion topping the background isolation and Bokeh of the Otus.The old 1/focal-length rule for shutter-speeds that are on the safe side no longer applies for the pixel-densities of modern sensors: today were more talking about using 1/200 sec on an unstabilized lens of 105mm focal length.Samyang did an astounding feat when they designed their version of a 135/2.0 lens: It is at least as sharp as the Nikon, has less longitudinal CAs plus it produces a similarly good Bokeh in the background.Would be nice to see others follow suit.Compared to Nikon AF DC 105mm.0D.To compensate for that you need to get 30 farther away from your subject if you want to frame it in a comparable way.PS dont forget you can support my work next time you order anything at Amazon, B H or Adorama by first clicking through to them using the links above and in the sidebar.The optical design of the ageing Nikon 105/2.0D DC is quite unique: It lets you control the distribution of blur in front and behind the plane of sharpest focus.