monster airtalk bluetooth car kit manual

When 2 phones are connected to the Blue multi you always have: Primary phone alpha male system pdf (1st phone connected to the carkit).
Blue multi will reconnect with both phones automatically.
Turn off the Blue multi after 1st phone has been paired.
Multipoint connection procedure, when the Blue multi is switched on, it will automatically search and connect with the 2 last mobile phones that had Bluetooth connection with the carkit.To ensure automatic reconnection between the phones and the Blue multi, we recommend setting the Blue multi as "Authorized" in the Bluetooth menu of your phone!Receiving calls ON THE 2 phones.Reject the incoming call on the 2nd phone: Press and hold the central button (4) for sony dsc-t100 manual pdf 3 seconds to reject the call on the 2nd phone.If for any reason one of the 2 phones, or both phones, will spontaneously lose the Bluetooth connection with the Blue multi, it will automatically make a reconnection.This phone will be the primary phone.If only 1 phone is available: only one phone will be connected to the Blue multi.If 1 phone is connected to the Blue multi and this phone receives a 2nd call, you will hear a beep.
One or both phones are shortly disconnected: the carkit will automatically reconnect.
Switching calls between carkit and phone, secondary phone : Make, Answer, End Reject calls / Privacy mode / Mute mode / Switching calls between carkit and phone (NO Voice dial, NO redial possible for 2nd phone).
Press the central button (4) 2X to answer the 2nd call and put the current call on hold.Now you CAN: Answer the incoming call on 2nd phone: Press the central button (4) 2x quickly to hold the call on the 1st phone and answer the call on the 2nd phone.Connect the phone to the carkit.Supported functions:, primary phone: Make, Answer, End Reject calls / Redial / Voice dialing / Privacy mode / Mute mode/.At any time you can add second phone.