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Features: McGraw-Hill, item Dimensions: Dimensions: 750L x 60W x 920H.This book is a must-have for any fighter looking to improve his ground game.The old qualifications teachers had divided Look Mai Muay Thai to 15 Mai.Tae Pub Nok (Kick to the outside of the knee joint).4" Muay Thai elastic and drawstring waistband with 7 rows of stitching.Yezin Al-Qaysi, all styles of Thai Martial Arts are powerful and exciting.Weight: 97, list Price:.00, iSBN:, aSIN.Sok Klab (Reverse Elbow muay Thai Techniques - Knees, muay Thai Knee Techniques - The way to efficiently use knees.
Erawan Suey Nga (Elephant thrusting its tusks) Batha Loob Pak (Foot touches face) Khun Yak Pa Nang (Giant steals the girl) Prarama Nao Sorn (Rama pulls the arrow string) Graisorn Kham Huai (Tiger descends into the stream) Kwang Liew Lang (Deer looks back) Hiran Muan.
These master tricks are consisted of 15 movements as follows: Salab Fan Pla (Cross-switch paksa Waeg Rang (Bird peeping through the nest) Chawa Sad Hok (Chawa throws spear) Inao Thang Grit (I Nao stabs his Grit) Yo Khao Prasumaru (Lifting the Sumer Mountain) Ta Then.
Kao La (Farewell knee kao Lod (Lower knee kao Loi (Flying knee).Unleash your potential with: * Kicks * Punches * Elbow strikes * Knee strikes * Clinching techniques * Defense and counters * An arsenal of combinations.Muay Thai knee techniques are divided into 7 categories: Kao Tone (Straight knee).Constructed with supportive 4-way stretch material, it wicks moisture away from the skin.To describe the foot-thrust weapon, it is the method of bend at the knee, then quickly extending your leg to use foot or heel to attack the target.