navy color guard training manual

A double-breasted short jacket of dark blue melton cloth with turned down collar. .
Honor guards AND other ceremonial personnel 6201.2.The DrillMaster 40-Hour Honor Guard Academy.One gold epaulette (plain-no devices) is worn on the dv9700 service manual pdf left shoulder. .Pinterest 114, pins 310, followers, piper, presents, to Post or Present, That is the Question. Blue cotton oxford style shirt with collar and embroidered Blue Angel official crest.Navy Pattern 1813 Eagle hilt sword may be worn as a sidearm, when authorized by the Commanding Officer.The loop ends 2 inches above the bottom edge of the hat. .(c ) Trousers legs are bloused above the leggings.Enlisted personnel, E6 and junior, are authorized to wear an identifying sleeve patch while assigned to the.S.
Navy wool jacket with black satin liner and zipper down front.
Bangor Maine Fire Dept.U.S navy ceremonial guard, washington,.C.White cotton t-shirt screen printed with.S.In a word, everything.Brim curled up on sides. .