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Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and Elissa Meininger December 1, 2005 - m Euro Parliament votes through health claims compromise - European Parliament voted through a compromise to the fifa 11 1.1 crack no cd controversial Health and Nutrition Claims Regulation yesterday, following frantic behind-the-scenes negotiations to reach a compromise and avoid.
Or perhaps a cocktail or a cigarette to help relax at the end of the day.These newly created accounts, or anonymous edits, may be friends of another editor, may be related in some way to the subject of an article under discussion, or may have been solicited by someone to support a specific angle in a debate.But write soon because this regulation gets voted on at its final committee stage on 5th April, before passing to the European Parliament for a final vote very shortly after.For example, neither of these claims would be allowed: vitamin A is necessary for normal growth or folate palm tungsten e2 desktop software helps normalise homocysteine levels.A Directive, as per the Food Supplements Directive on the other hand, does require UK parliamentary approval).The term meatpuppet is used by some as a variation of a sockpuppet; a new Internet community member account, created by another person at the request of a user solely for the purposes of influencing the community on a given issue or issues acting essentially.Now who would profit from such a rule?Food supplements are invariably intended for a purpose, and what the new regulation proposes is that it will become illegal cant directx 10 win 7 softpedia to give any clue on the label as to what that purpose.Now, on December 22nd all criticism of Holford was deleted, in its entirety, by a user called Clarkeola.Indeed they are, and it has now been explained to me that the deletion was a mistake (Holford says what he actually asked his PR to do was add a defense of the criticism against him).If we are to cut diet related disease there needs to be a softening of the basis for substantiating claims and a broadening of allowed claims.
As a member of your constituency please do what you can to vote against, delay or at least substantially amend this unnecessary EU Regulation.
Regulations (as opposed to Directives* ) are passed by the EU legislature direct into law and our national government has no say.
In their groundbreaking new book, Natural Highs: Supplements, Nutrition, and Mind/Body Techniques to Help You Feel Good All the Time psychiatrist Hyla Cass and nutritional expert Patrick Holford offer a breakthrough program-based on nutrition supplements, herbs, and simple mind/body therapies-that will energize, relax, de-stress, and.So who is this user Clarkeola?I have been told verbally that this legislation is not intended to apply to the above, but I'd like this in writing.EU directive - will be the big losers under this new EU proposal.Muscle Strength does not imply any medical claims from this review.