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In the bmw 2001 e46 owners manual illustrated embodiment, the electrosurgical unit 410 comprises two dedicated tool ports 412, one bipolar tool port 414, and one electrical power port 416.
60 is a schematic drawing of the inside of the hand-piece, illustrating the embodiment of active electrode switching mechanism based on the opening of the jaw elements.Advantageously, with a rotational shaft assembly 1600, the wires and electrical and mechanical connections, as such, do not interfere with continuous, infinite rotation of the shaft.The method comprises measuring phase angle, determining the product of the relative permittivity and conductivity, and characterizing the tissue.In one embodiment, connection of a standard bipolar tool into the standard bipolar outlet will not actively check the tool.The main input is isolated with a low leakage isolation transformer of a power supply 631.In other embodiments, it is contemplated that the one portion of the latch mechanism can be formed on a portion of the actuation handle 1114 adjacent the second end of the actuation handle 1114, and a mating portion of the latch mechanism can be formed.38 is a graphical representation of phase shift during the electrosurgical fusion process.The first actuator is movable between an on position and an off position for actuating a first electrosurgical action when in the on position.3A-3B, the electrosurgical unit 410 can comprise a display 420.In the illustrated embodiment, the handle assembly 1110 connects to the shaft 1120 at five locations or connections providing a continuous 360 degree rotation of the entire shaft while simultaneously allowing complete actuation of the actuation handle 1114,.g., sealing and/or dividing of the vessel.
62 depicts an embodiment of a passive switching mechanism, also based on the opening of the jaw elements.The state machine interpreter module responds to specific events, such as a switch activation/de-activation, tool positions or exceeding measurement thresholds.In exemplary embodiment, the generator's memory is sized to hold data for about two months while the tool chip's memory can hold data for one surgical procedure.In the illustrated embodiment, the actuation trigger comprises an extended latch arm 1262 which can engage a matching latch 1264 contained within actuation handle 1112 for holding the actuation trigger at a second or closed position.In other embodiments, a length adjustment mechanism can be positioned at the distal end of the elongate shaft,.g., where the elongate shaft interfaces with the jaw assembly 1130.Set points, a tool script specifies the RF source as from the CUT or the coag source.In other embodiments, electrosurgical units can comprise different numbers of ports.74 is an enlarged side section view of clamping jaws in an open condition and having electrodes extended.