pioneer xv-htd520 owners manual

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In some countries or regions, the shape of the power plug and power outlet may sometimes differ from that shown in the explanatory drawings.After you have finished reading the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future reference.(When two hooks ( 9 ) hide under the Rotary Tray and can not pull out the tray.) In pest trap removal patch program that case, set the tray in the following procedures.A 8, unhook, cN12 9 7, tRSB Assy 9, unhook,.Using the DVD Setup menu Video settings TV Screen Picture Quality S-Video Out Still Picture On Screen Display Angle Indicator Language settings OSD language Audio Language Subtitle Language Auto Language DVD Language Subtitle Display Subtitle Off General settings Playing Discs, introduction Finding what you want.Adjusting the bass and treble Using ss Using sound modes Listening to surround-sound sources Listening to other sources with room effects Adjusting the effect level Listening at low volume Direct recording Connecting Up, connecting the speakers Placing the speakers Wall mounting the center and surround.10 6, tray Section, d When Tray Cannot Pull Out, tray cannot pull out that is not at a position of home position.English 4 Setting Up, switching on and setting the clock Setting up for surround sound Setting the speaker distances Balancing the surround sound Using the Setup Navigator Using the Timer, using the wake up timer Activating/deactivating the wake up timer Checking the timer settings Using.5 6 7 8, traverse mechanism mitsubishi l200 maintenance manual assy-S Disassembly.
However the method of connecting and operating the unit is the same.Contents 1 Before You Start, features Whatâs in the box Using this manual Improving FM stereo sound Saving station presets Listening to station presets Listening to other components DVD Setup Menu, putting the batteries in the remote control Using the remote control Hints on installation.Remove the Bonnet (Screws à 11) Remove the Tray Cap Remove the Front Panel Section (Refer to " front panel section.Playing DVDs, CDs and Video CDs Basic playback controls Navigating DVD disc menus Navigating Video CD PBC menus Exchanging discs Listening to the radio Advanced Sound Setup, advanced sound settings LFE attenuator Dynamic Range Control Dual-mono setting Adjusting channel volume levels.Thank you for buying this Pioneer product.Disconnect the flexible cable.C, unhook à 2 Pull out the tray while pressing the two hooks ( 9 ).Rotary Tray 2, set the tray to the position that can see a hole of the center.Push the Tray by hand.Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly.