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Packed with some nice features it's a very handy plugin.
And yes, it's for Slims only.PaintOnXMB is a proof-of-concept.Nomal,M33 Driver,Sony NP9660,OE isofs legacy.V3 Fixed a pause game bug when playing GodEaterBurst.A canada wares and services manual savegame in folder "uspm20110315" will allow to customize your name, icon and colors.With this plugin you can manage your games' save states and slots with an easy to use menu.30: Gameboot Skip.20.60 support description Author: neur0n This little plugin allows you to skip your PSP gameboot.Prince of Persia - Rival Swords.HOW TO USE, press L and Vol to load the Andromida menu.
Took Out The After Initial Searcher Percentages.
3162 users online 48 registered 3114 guests.PRO Fixed text patching.This plugin completely disables the UMD drive when it's enabled.Supported Games: Ape Escape, ratchet Clank - Size Matters.Fixed location of option for hiding Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity.(Place a 480x272 size BMP to cushome/image/ folder.