radio shack 7 in 1 remote manual

For VHF/UHF operation, you'll need to use the 8-pin Mic jack, or the 6-pin mini-DIN Data Port.
For VHF/UHF operation on the IC-706mkiig and IC-7000, you should turn the following menu item to OFF: Item #30 for IC-706mkiig Item #20 for IC-7000 This will force echo screen software for mic the radio to use the same PTT pin for all bands so you will not need.
42-2800 RadioShack V15-RS Cartridge 42-2794 Realistic/Stanton RS500DJ Cartridge.
Juice Auto/Air/Wall Power Adapter dualpower15 iGo dualpower15 Accessory Cable everywherepower15 iGo everywherepower15 Auto/Air/Wall Power Adapter FOR more information about radio shack products, check OUT their catalogs!60-2792 Child Guidance Honey Bee 60-2793 Child Guidance Lady Bug 60-2794 Child Guidance School Bus 60-2795 Child Guidance Zoo Mobile 60-2797 brum Preschool Radio Control Car 60-4000 RadioShack Ram Driver I Radio Controlled Vehicle 60-4021 RadioShack Microspace Patrol 60-4044 RadioShack Jumbo Van 60-4069A RadioShack Frame-Buggy.HomePlug Digital Audio Receiver/Amplifier 15-1938 Accurian?13-pin DIN Accessory Port Connector (use slusb13I, SL113PI or slcab13I) note: The IC-970 cannot be used with our slcab13I cable due to it's non-standard pin-out. .Check your radio manual for availability of these features and add the appropriate jumpers.Way Digital Optical Selector 15-1587 sony tv trinitron rm870 - manual RadioShack 3-Way Audio/Video Selector w/Edit Feature 15-1588 RadioShack Toslink Optical Signal Extension Amplifier 15-1937 Accurian?Some customers have reported that the IC-746 (early model only) does NOT mute the Mic when keyed from the Accy Port. .Desktop Weatheradio with Atomic Clock Channel same Alert Portable Weatheradio Alert Weatheradio with Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer 12-256 RadioShack 7 Channel Weatheradio Pocket-Size Weather Radio Channel NWR-same Weatheradio with USB Interface 12-259 T581 7-Channel Handheld Weatheradio 12-260 Bedside Weatheradio Alarm Clock 12-261 Bedside Weatheradio Alarm Clock With.
IC-706mkiig - If you are using the Data Port on this radio, then you must set menu #29 to "1200".
Digital-tuning Desktop Weatheradio with Alert 12-248 RadioShack Weatheradio Alert 12-249 RadioShack 7 Channel Weatheradio same Alert Desktop Weatheradio same Alert Weatheradio AM/FM.A.M.E.
If you see a "hole" in your waterfall display, then please make sure that your Notch Filter is turned OFF.All of the jumper settings show below have been corrected as necessary to account for any reversed pin numbering. .(1.8m) USB-to-Parallel Port Printer Cable.16-3807 QV-R40 Casio.0-Megapixel QV-R40 Digital Camera 16-3613 PS-320 hp PhotoSmart 320 Digital Camera 16-3602 CDS6300 RCA Digital Camera RCA.5 MegaPixel Digital Camera 16-2432 DXG-305V DXG-305V Digital Video Camera 16-2423 SV-AV50S Panasonic D-snap SD Digital Video Camera 16-8003 EX-Z3 Casio EX-Z3.O MegaPixel Slim.Carrier Game 60-2481 RadioShack LCD Pinball Game 60-2482 RadioShack Pocket Repeat 60-2483 RadioShack Electronic UNO 60-2484 RadioShack 3-in-1 Draw Poker 60-2485 RadioShack Tabletop Blackjack Game ZipZaps SE Micro RC Starter Kit Silver 1966 Corvette Sting Ray 60-2486 RadioShack 2-in-1 Slot Machine 60-2487 RadioShack Tabletop Poker.Note that external power is required for the SignaLink Model SL-1.TOP icom 4-Pin Round Mic Connector (use slusb4R, SL14R, SL1-4R or slcab4R) JP-1 Pin-out Pin 1 Mic Input Pin 2 PTT Pin 3 N/C Pin 4 GND Radio Models IC-22/202/215 IC-245/280/402/502 IC-551 IC-701 Notes Power is not available on this connector, so you will need.Rotator Control Cable 15-1149 RadioShack 50' 3 Wire Rotator Cable 15-1142E 15-1142 Four-Set Hybrid Splitter Hybrid Splitter/Combiner Indoor/Outdoor Matching Transformer 15-1134 RadioShack Antenna Amplifier 15-1125 RadioShack Amplified Coupler 15-1124 RadioShack UHF/VHF/FM Amplifier 15-1119A Way Distribution Amplifier Way Distribution Amplifier Way Distribution Amplifier w/ 1 Output.Deluxe Slot Machine Deluxe 2-Player Poker 60-2699A 60-2699 Deluxe 2-Player Poker Player BlackJack 60-2701 Color FX II #trade; Spadesgame Hunting Sportsman Handheld Game 60-2704 RadioShack Deluxe Solitaire/Poker 2-In In-Line LAN Network Line Surge Protector 61-2120 Computer Equipment Surge Protector Outlet Network Equipment and DSL Surge.