silent hunter iv manual

Retrieved October 6, 2015.
As a PTC Commander you will be playing the game at somewhere between 95 and 115 realism.
Overview, silent Hunter has a number of features to help in this area but in the end it is still a game.
Escort at 1500 yards will pass well clear." You can see that on the chart screen with the scope down.The S-boats (aka Sugar boats) were produced between WWI and wwii and represent the coming-of-age of the submarine as a formidable weapon of war.Todays assignment looks good.The sonar operator would be the first to be able to detect a circular run and alert the captain to make any evasive maneuvers.Plots like the one below also help with making accurate estimates of the targets angle on the bow, a critical input to the ships TDC.Retrieved 28 November 2015.Fired one at 0 offset, one at 3 left, one at 3 right and the last one minute later one at 10 right, as the formation was condensed to that side.Silent Hunter 4 is not a revisionist game.Since theres a war going on and all, I should probably get going, but I need to set first things first.
In stock Silent Hunter 4, ships have hit points instead of an advanced flooding/damage model, so if the target doesnt go down soon after a shot hits it, it wont go down until a few more have landed.One of the common discussions in our community is how oe mail recovery 1.7 22 crack to make patrols and patrol results more realistic.The second and the subject of much debate is the use of the Automated TDC.Weve actually run across two merchant ships traveling together, a lucky break for.If he's asleep, takes no evasive action, and at the right speed 1, 2, possibly 3 if he slows down quickly, and 5 should hit.If I continue my forward rate, Ill come within a hundred yards of the target at optimum firing angle (0 degree torpedo gyro) way too close for a safe shot, but its also too late to save it by going to emergency reverse.14 With the arrival of the German campaign, players gain control over additional strategic resources other than their own submarines.