software for gps on laptop

MakePOIaccept is a command line utility to automatically create all necessary modifications of MapSend to accept POIs.
SportyPal is for running and cycling - log and map your tracks and results on the web, analyze afterwards or share with your friends.
GPS2KML - connects WinCE PNA with notebook as GPS receiver and placemark server for GoogleEarth.In this example, for the latitude channel, you superpro designer 8.5 keygen might tell Windmill to search for 'GLL and extract up to the next comma.Glowfly is a GPS tracker/logger for Windows Mobile.MyGPS_PDA is a light MyGPS version for PocketPC systems.It creates log-files of several GPS-formats from data got from GPS-receiver.Gpscommunicator visually represent nmea GPS position data in realtime.06 of 07, vanwei VK-162 USB GPS.SendMap is for uploading maps to your GPS (scroll down once you get to the page).
See also the ComDebug program Help.
Quantum GIS (Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows) lets you browse and create map data on your computer.We'd love to know about your GPS and GIS projects using Windmill - with the possibility of featuring them in an Issue of Monitor.Gar2rnx allows you to receive coordinates and much more from some Garmin GPS units using undocumented commands.Gsak - geocaching and waypoint management tool.Locify provides information or services relevant to your location when you ask for a particular web page on your phone.