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In one design of interference mitigation on the downlink, a UE may detect high interference on radio resources used for a control channel yahoo messenger 7 full version xp by a desired base station.
61/025,644, entitled interference avoidance, filed Feb.In one design, a reduce interference request may be valid for a duration covering initial access.A UE may request interfering eNBs to reduce interference on the primary control segment of its desired eNBs on the downlink.The UE may receive the control channel on the radio resources from the desired base station and may observe less interference from the interfering base station.Each UE or eNB that can receive the request may act on the request.Apparatus 800 includes a module 812 to receive from a sender station a request to reduce interference on radio resources used for a control channel by a desired station, and a module 814 to reduce transmit power of an interfering station on the radio resources.Each control channel may also be transmitted at a fixed location in each subframe in which that control channel is transmitted or at different locations assign null value to variable vba in different subframes.For clarity, certain aspects of the techniques are described below for LTE, and LTE terminology is used in much of the description below.For interference mitigation on the uplink, the sender station may be a base station, the interfering station may be a first UE not served by the base station, and the desired station may be a second UE served by the base station.T downlink signals from modulators 932 a through 932 t may be transmitted via T antennas 934 a through 934 t, respectively.
An interfering station that is an intended recipient of a reduce interference request may act on the request in various manners.
A reduce interference request may be sent in a manner to ensure reliable reception of the request by an interfering station.Modify hang-up issue and LPF boost while DVD playback.The transmission timeline for each link may be partitioned into units of subframes.For example, a reduce interference request for a paging channel may be valid for an amount of time in which a page might be sent to.The interfering station may use the CRC to determine whether the request is received correctly.5 shows a process for sending a reduce interference request.