sony str d615 manual

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If the amplifier has only one set of PRE OUT terminals, do not connect the subwoofer to the PRE OUT terminals.Use red slider bar for more).Audio receiver remote control codes, the audio receiver remote control codes below are for.Keep your receiver well ventilated.While it makes intuitive sense to use an RCA connection from the output labeled 10 on the receiver to the L/mono input on the subwoofer, I'm still hesitant because of what the subwoofer's manual says.If you continue to get the protector error without having your speakers connected, you can rule out a problem with the speakers themselves.Step, unplug your receiver and disconnect all of the speaker wires speakers from the terminals on the back of the receiver.Could someone offer more peace of mind about this.Manufacturer Codes, manual Code Search, volume Lock, cBL ID Code, reassign Mode Buttons, tV / VCR Combo.You may have to connect your receiver to your DVD player with a different cable standard if the sampling frequency is causing your error message.Connecting a lower ohm-rated speaker will cause an error.
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ADC 0558, adcom 3725, aiwa 0148, 0216, 1415, 1432, 1668, 3614, 3615, 3616, 3617, 3627, 3636, 3670, 3680, 3718.Check this speaker wire for shorts or torn shielding.User Guide, m7810, program TV, DVD, VCR, Stereo, master Power.Overheating may be the cause of the Protector error.This is usually a problem you can resolve yourself without any tools or technical expertise.Step, wait at least 30 minutes to allow all of the components to cool down.Cut the wire if needed to ensure the end is intact.