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Tutorial notes for, introduction to Ethical Studies: An Open Source Reader version.11, the book is available as, pDF, html, -accessible from the.
Some Varieties of Determinism, august Comte, "Positive Philosophy frederick Engels, "Science of Natural Processes".Socrates, and hence Socrates' puppet-master Plato, have very specific ideas about the function of literature, (to teach) and the importance of censorship.Plato, "The Socratic Paradox epicurus, "Pleasure is the Good epictetus, "We Should Value What's in Our Control".Ellwood, "Ethics are Culturally Relative".This is justice as a social contract, an agreement between acrobat pdf writer crack people to avoid being unjust to each other so they may avoid being the victims of other people's injustice.If the power to do injustice were given to those who are usually too powerless to practice injustice, then, like the shepherd with the ring, groco hf manual marine head they would be as unjust as others.Alexander Bain, "Conscience is Learned.Therefore, the city must only use stories depicting good behavior so as to influence the citizens of the city in positive ways.
Through his story of Gyges' Ring, Glaucon contradicts the idea that laws equal justice.
William James, "The Will to Believe".
Here the appearance of justice is seen as enough even for the gods, since they may be placated by other means.The city needs merchants to trade with other cities, a marketplace, currency, local retailers, and people who perform manual labor for a wage.Justice is practiced only by compulsion, and for the good of others, since injustice is more rewarding than justice.Luxury goods and services require a larger city, which leads to war to acquire more land.John Venn, "Statistics as Applied to Human Action".The origin of justice is a compromise between right and wrong.A shepherd discovers a ring that makes its wearer invisible.An unjust person who has a reputation for justice leads a life of pleasure.