the sims 3 patch 1

16 Improvements to Sims include more customization options, a trait system that creates unique personalities, Sims that take care of themselves, and wishes that allow the player to set short- and long-term goals.
Sport a 70s disco look with a wide-collared suit and bell-bottom pants, go 80s glam with shoulder pads and bangle earrings, or throw on a rumpled flannel shirt for a wild 90s grunge look.From exploring the isles in fully customizable houseboats to creating a five-star resort experience, your Sims will love the carefree tropical lifestyle.Mermaids are new creatures introduced in The Sims 3: Island Paradise.Sims can give birth at home or in the hospital.Among them are the Oldies from Pleasantview, the Smiths, Grunts, Singles household, and Ajay Loner from Strangetown.There is a slider so the player can edit how light potterton suprima 60l service manual or dark the skintone."The Sims Theme" 1:55.
Red icons are career buildings, royal blue icons are public places, light dell xps 15 laptop user guide blue icons are for the location of Sims in the active household, orange icons are for other Sims' homes that the selected Sims knows, bulletstorm xlive.dll windows 8 and green is the active household's house.
Careers and part-time jobs pay hourly, not daily.Upgrade your Sims lifestyle with sophisticated furnishings, must-have electronics, and cutting edge fashions.Imaginary friends can become real Sims using a chemistry set.Update your Sims wardrobes with Diesel styles straight off the runway.Sims farther from the center of the neighborhood spend more time commuting to work.Sims will gain a memory TS3:G of having a Vampire baby.NPCs such as the maid and repairman, when asked about their career by a Sim, will state Maid and Repairman, but if they move into a household they will be listed as unemployed.Each skin tone can be further customized with a light to dark slider.Boys are wrapped in blue blankets, while girls are wrapped in pink ones.