the sun trail pdf

Petal thinks that she got in one fight with them, and she doesnt want to get in another.
One of the cats, a gray tom, turns around and sees them, and the two siblings instantly flee, knowing the forest cats arent quite friendly.
However, Clear Sky is able to come up with a plan and the cats manage to defeat them.
Dappled Pelt goes for a swim and Gray Wing finds Turtle Tail talking with Bumble again.Petal realizes that the cats don't care if they're kits - they'd leave them to die regardless.Clear Sky asks if she wants to join, and Petal queries if she and Fox can meet the others.She replies that all of the Tribe are her kits, but she did know dressmaker sewing machine model 2402 manual love once.Gray Wing declares that Thunder will have cats to care for him, because from now on, he will be Thunder's father.Soon, the followers of the sun trail set out.Meanwhile, a cat named Gray Wing is out hunting with his brother, Clear Sky.Petal and Fox try to go back to the tom and his companions, but they are still on the stepping stones.Storm shows Bumble's research on sour patch den to Gray Wing, and he finds Turtle Tail there.Petal knows that Fox will try their best to support both of them.Together they take down a hawk and bring it back to the Tribe.
Warriors: Dawn of the Clans, Thunder Rising.
The cats set up camp there.
They are able to track down two mice, and share ef a tale of the two english it between themselves.Gray Wing finds Moon Shadow fighting the swimming cat, a tom, and a yellow tabby she-cat.The rest of the Tribe stays behind and finds out there is now a lot more food to go around.Wind is there as well, and a fight threatens to start.As she leaves, Rainswept Flower notes that Gray Wing is falling for Storm.She decides to stay with him for a little while.