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Take the verilink prism 2000 installation manual large medkit, then leave the bathroom and go through the left door.
Grab the dock and pull up, then turn left and jump over the wall to xilisoft divx converter 6 keygen the other side.
Stand and climb the wall ladder to the next vent, then move forward until a cut-scene plays showing you the Iris.In London, Lara searches for the third artefact, the Eye of Isis, now in the possession of Sophia Leigh, the head of a cosmetics corporation.Swim down until you reach a junction in the tunnel, then take the passage to the right and keep swimming until you surface in a hidden room with another Rose.Drop down to the canal below, then go along the passage to the end.For the first range, press the button to activate the targets.After taking the artefact from a researcher working for RX Tech, Lara is approached by RX Tech scientist.Whip out your pistols to take care of a guard dog, then search the lockers in the room for all sorts of goodies.
THE submarine, locate the four bars between the bunk beds, then take the loose one on the right to pull it free.
When you reach the top, use your torch to light the brownish roots on the ceiling.Shoot them in this order: center, left, right, far left, far right.Go to the middle of the road, then do a running jump towards the left platform.Two guards can be seen talking to the right as you walk out.Get some flares on the left shelf, then locate the far left corner shelf that can be moved.