total war rome ii update 7.rar

Improved use blog game pc full version 2013 untuk of battle order response audio for several units.
Fix for a client crash when the host switches from a Multiplayer Campaign lobby to battle lobby whilst client is joining.
Fixed a problem in oracle primavera p6 version 7 the Alexandria siege map, which sometimes lead attacking AI into a dead-end, or made the AI only focus on 1 victory point.
The "Weak points" feature in siege battles was deemed counter-intuitive and therefore has been removed.When facing attackers with superior missile strength, the defending AIs decision-making regarding sally-outs from un-walled settlements and encampments has been improved.Fix for a rare crash while units disembarked from ships during combined battle.Loading screens are now visible to viewers while broadcasting with.Usability Improvements Battle Audio bug fixed for units sometimes using "selection" voice over, when they began wavering on the battlefield.General AI improvements Improved public order management in Campaign modes.
If a general/admiral dies and you have no generals/admirals available to replace him and you do not have sufficient money to hire a new candidate, then you must hire a candidate at a reduced cost, but the bodyguard will also be reduced in size.Victory conditions in un-walled settlements and encampment battles are no longer based on victory points.Land armies moving on sea will now travel a smaller distance each turn.Touch controls article added to manual.The Oracle of Amun Re, touchscreen Support, if youre playing rome II on a touchscreen device, such as an Ultrabook, weve implemented touchscreen input support in partnership with Intel.Moved Cohort Organisation to higher in Roman tech tree.Previously, this feature caused some sections of city wall to be weak which could be exploited by the attacker, even if the city had no damage in the campaign.