varela round bold font

They also maintain the cod mw3 ps3 hacks home page on the Ethiopic font project.
All made between 19From MAK Alagha, Applied Graphic Arts: AGA-Abasan-Regular, AGA-Aladdin-Regular, darksiders ii prima official game guide AGA-Battouta-Regular, AGA-Dimnah-Regular, AGA-Furat-Regular, AGA-Granada-Regular, AGA-Juhyna-Regular, AGA-Kayrawan-Regular, AGA-Mashq-Bold, AGA-Mashq-Regular, AGA-Nada-Regular, AGA-Petra-Regular, AGA-Rasheeq-Bold, AGA-Sindibad-Regular.
From their site where you can download these: XW Zar font is a TrueType Arabic font covering Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Dari, Pashto, Uzbek, Kurdish, old (Ottoman) and new Turkish (Roman) languages with 'Open Type' and 'Apple Advanced Typography' technology support.Stempel; see Melmac on the SoftMaker MegaFont XXL CD, 2002).Taco Hoekwater, Hans Hagen, and Khaled Hosny set out to create an OpenType math-enabled font Neo-Euler (2009-2010 by combining the existing Euler math fonts with new glyphs from Hermann Zapf (designed in the period ).It is Unicode-encoded for compatability with all modern operating systems.Gilgenart Fraktur (1938,.Also, Boutros-Ads-Pro-Bold, Boutros-Ads-Pro-Light, Boutros-Ads-Pro-Medium, Boutros-Ads-Pro-Medium-Italic.
ITC Zapf Dingbats see this poster by Jessica Rauch, Zapf Essentials (2002, 372 characters in six fonts: Communication, Arrows (One and Two Markers, Ornaments, Office, based on drawings of Zapf in 1977 for Zapf Dingbats).
Sam Stepanyan created a set of Armenian sans serif glyphs visually compatible with Helvetica or Arial.From 19, he was type director.Kuenstler Linien (transl: artistic lines).He created alphabets for metal types, photocomposition and digital systems.From Majid Al-Otaibi: khalaad-Abeer, khalaad-Diala, khalaad-Hadeel, khalaad-Noora, khalaad-Sara, khalaad-Sima, khalaad-Susan, khalaad-Wafa, khalaad-al-arabeh-2.From 19, he was vice president of Design Processing, Inc., New York (which he founded with his friends Aaron Burns and Herb Lubalin and professor of Typographic Computer Programs, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York.Google MyFonts More m (or: Maleksoft Developer Co) Mohammad Al Shalfan Vendor of Arabic typefaces located in Riyadh.